Since 1977, SABAH remains dedicated to the mission of enriching the quality of life for individuals challenged by physical, cognitive, and/or emotional disability by providing education and therapeutic recreation, promoting fitness, and developing social and communication skills.  Although the organization began as one which provided adaptive ice skating over the winter, SABAH now offers six programs, on ice and on turf, throughout the year for more than 900 participants. SABAH’s six programs include two School Day programs for children with special needs, three adaptive recreational programs for individuals of any age, and one health and wellness program for adults with special needs.

SABAH’s School Day programs, the School Day Adaptive Ice Skating (SDAIS) program (587 participants) and The Children’s Guild Foundation’s Summer Athletes Bold At Heart program (443 participants), are curriculum-based programs that integrate movement with New York State Learning Standards. SABAH continues to evaluate these programs with the services of Ignite of Daemen College to measure Physical, Emotional, Control, and Academic Domains. Both programs are offered free of charge so that all children, regardless of economic capacity, can improve outcomes.

SABAH’s adaptive recreational programs include the Evening and Weekend program (200 participants), the Adaptive Hockey program (34 participants), and the Summer Skates program (35 participants). These vital programs allow individuals challenged by disability, of any age, to enjoy physical activity and increase socialization.

SABAH’s Adults Fit and Fun program (101 participants) provides adaptive recreation and nutritional skills for adults with special needs. An underserved population, adults with disabilities are at the greatest risk for the diseases of a sedentary lifestyle. As a result, SABAH provides these adults with an adaptive recreational program that teaches nutritional information to promote a healthier lifestyle.


SABAH’s School Day Adaptive Ice Skating program

SABAH’s School Day Adaptive Ice Skating (SDAIS) program provides an adaptive ice skating program for over 580 children from the Western New York region challenged by disability and economic disadvantage.  The program serves children ages 5 to 18 years of age who are challenged by physical, cognitive, and/or emotional disability at no charge to the school or student. The SDAIS curriculum effectively integrates movement with New York State Common Core Standards and life skill development.  SABAH also maximizes outcomes for children in the program by collaborating with teachers and teacher aides from participating schools to support classroom objectives and to differentiate the program for children with a wide range of disabilities. Through the adaptive ice skating program children with special needs improve skills across Physical, Emotional, Social, Control, and Academic Domains.  The outcomes of programming are validated through a research-based evaluation administered by Ignite of Daemen College.