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Variety funds programs for kids with special needs throughout Western New York. From essential, life-saving programs at Women & Children’s Hospital to adaptive bikes and everything in between, Variety-funded programs make a world of difference for our region’s kids.

Check out this Photo Album of Kids from the 55th Annual Variety Kids Telethon

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Did you know: Raising a child with a serious illness or disability costs a family four to five times more than the cost of a child not living with one or more of these conditions. Through Variety, your donation can forever change the life of a child and their family by helping fund key equipment and services to lessen the financial burden and provide every child with equality and a limitless future. Large or small, EVERY DONATION combines to deliver a better future and life to a child in need.You CAN make a difference in a child’s life by giving to Variety. We know you care about local impact, so you can feel good knowing that every dollar you donate stays right here in WNY.

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