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Meet the Twins!

Telethon 2017 Celebrity Twins Kelly and Kyle Hoffman, 6, of Pendleton, NY are Variety’s first-ever set of boy and girl twins. The adorable pair is getting their feet wet with the celeb lifestyle by attending events, starring in photo shoots, and being the “children of the hour” in general. In just a couple of months, they’ll do their close-up with Channel 7 as a preview to the Telethon on April 2nd. All of this is on top of going to school and playing with their friends like all other six year olds! 

The twins have come a long way in their short lives. They weighed less than three pounds when they were born, and they struggled just to breathe and eat for their first two months in the world. Thanks to Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo and the Robert Warner Center, Kelly and Kyle received the treatment they needed so that they could grow and thrive. 

Kyle seems like a quiet little boy at first, but he’s got a comic streak that shyly peeks out. With a mischievous twinkle, he pulls a stunt that fills the room with laughter. Kelly’s sunshine smile and infectious giggle are sure to win over hearts wherever she goes, and Kyle makes her laugh with a little tickle. The twins have a younger brother, Jacob, whose eyes are bright and earnest, and their parents, Stacy and Brian, are warm, loving, and sincere. We welcome the Hoffmans to the Variety Telethon family!  

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