LANCASTER, NY (November 11, Variety, The Children’s Charity of Buffalo and Western New York hosted the 2019 Variety Telethon Presentation Dinner Friday, November 8, 2019.

Grant Recipients include Oishei Children’s Hospital/Variety Tent #7- Robert Warner MD Rehabilitation Center and other WNY children’s charities listed below.   Representatives of these organizations attended the event to receive their funds and celebrate a successful year.  

The organizations represented are on the front lines of caring for the most vulnerable and dear among us: children who are facing illness, disability, or disadvantage. They provide critical health care, enrichment programs in sports and the arts, and other essential services that improve the quality of life for children and their families. 

The Charity Organizations are as follows:

In addition, we honored Debbie Meacham, recipient of the Mary Jane Cunningham Award and Jeanette Hasenstab recipient of the Dorthy Atlas Variety Women of the Year award!  

Anderson’s Custard & Roast Beef Restaurants, Joe Maulucci from WBBZ-TV and Leah Raiser for their outstanding service commitment to Variety as well.

We look forward to a successful year ahead.  The 58th Variety Kids Telethon will be held on Saturday, February 29, 2020 on WGRZ-TV Channel 2 from 6:00 p. m. – 11 p. m. and Sunday, March 1, 2020 from 10:00 a. m, – 9:00 p. m. on WBBZ-TV, Channel 67.1/ Cable 5.

Congratulations to all of our grant recipients and THANK YOU to all of our donors for making all of this happen, you are truly amazing!

Guests for the Annual Presentation Dinner

John Di Sciullo (Master of Ceremonies/ Variety Board Member) with Phil Arno, owner of WBBZ-TV

Carol McMahon (Heart Committee Chair), Debbie Meacham (Award winner of The Mary Jane Cunningham Award/ Variety Women’s Board) and Diane Kuciel (Chief Barker)

Carol McMahon (Heart Committee Chair), Rose DiPaola (Comptroller), Dr. Hoffman ( Variety Tent #7 Robert Warner Rehab Center), Donny Raiser (2019 Telethon Chair/ Variety Board Member)

Diane Kuciel (Chief Barker), Donny Raiser (2019 Telethon Chair/ Variety Board Member), Dr. Hoffman ( Variety Tent #7 Robert Warner Rehab Center), Paul Cambria (Vice President), Victoria Reyes (2019 Celebrity Child)

The Reyes Family with members of the Variety Board.

Annette Drescher (President of the Variety Women’s Board) with a representative from Compeer.

Dorothy Kozlowski (Variety Board Member) and Jim from Excalibur Leisure Skills.

Judy Decker (Variety Board Member) with a representative from PAL.