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Say hello to Evan Liddick. Evan is 13 years old. Evan is a very active social young man. He loves being outside, camping, listening to music and being an all-around goofball.

Evan uses many services through Oishei Children’s Hospital; Neurology, orthopedics, dental, and pulmonary clinics to name a few.

Evan was a shaken baby at 4 months old. His diagnosis is traumatic brain injury, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, legally blind, G-tube fed and wheelchair dependent. He requires 24/7 total care. He attends Aspire Center for Learning.

Evan is cared for by his biological grandfather Shawn Liddick and his wife Carrie Preston. Evan was adopted by his grandparents 12 years ago. Carrie said “We, as a family, would be very proud to have Evan represent children of multiple needs through Variety Club Telethon.”

Variety is blessed to have Evan and his grandparents a part of the Variety Family.