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Some “Extra Sweet” Good News!

We want to share an “extra sweet” story about how donating $1.00 can go a really long way!

Say hello to Donnie Solberg and Eddie Wegrzyn.  Both Donnie and Eddie have become staples with Variety.  You may have seen them at a local Bowling Alley, The Walden Galleria Mall, at your local Bingo Hall, on The Variety Kids Telethon and many other places selling candy bars.

That’s right, they sell candy bars for Variety for $1.00 each.  Both Donnie and Eddie have been supporting Variety for over 10-15+ years and have raised a combined total of over $50,000!  INCREDIBLE!

We wanted to take some time to honor them and tell you a little bit about both Donnie and Eddie.

First, meet -Donnie Solberg.  Donnie chose to help Variety in their fundraising efforts many years ago.  When Donnie was 9 years old he had heart surgery at Children’s Hospital.  Donnie grew up with his family in Buffalo and often watched the Variety Kids Telethon. 

Donnie reached out to Variety years ago to see how he could help out and well… the rest is history!  While this year it has been a challenge to be out in public places due to Coronavirus, Donnie has still managed to fundraise to his best ability. 

His message to everyone out there that would ever consider donating is simple “Variety and Children’s Hospital helped me years ago, and I knew I could help them too.  Consider donating $1.00, it goes a long, long way!”

Next up, say hello to Eddie Wegrzyn.  Eddie also has a story that hits close to home.  His niece had a scare and was treated at Children’s Hospital.  Eddie also loved watching The Variety Kids Telethon for many, many years.

Eddie reached out the Variety team back in 2007 to see how he could help.  He started with answering phones at The Telethons, selling paper hearts, working at Haunted Catacombs who is a sponsor with Variety and currently selling candy bars!

Eddie continues to help Variety throughout the year and hopes to be out and about soon enough!  He hopes that others will consider donating because even a $1.00 could help support a child in need.

Variety is quite honored that both Donnie and Eddie have been so loyal and supportive to our Variety kids!  We are blessed to have them as part of our Variety family.  We could not be prouder of the work they do for our local kids!  $50,000 is no small feat and we are truly thankful for all of their hard work!

We wanted to share a special moment from The 2020 Variety’s Kids Telethon with Eddie Wegrzyn, Donnie Solberg presenting their checks from all of their fundraising efforts this past year.   Both Donnie and Eddie have been staples to The Variety Kid’s Telethon’s and we enjoy having them stop by each and every year!

Also, we would like to take a moment to honor the late Paul Pignatora who appears in this clip with Eddie.  Paul was a board member with Variety and helped for many years.  We will both miss and remember Paul for all his wonderful traits.

If you are interested in helping with fundraising for the Variety Kids, please email for more information!