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Say hello to Giovani Fiore, the 2022 Celebrity Child for the 60th Annual Variety Kids Telethon!

Giovani aka “Gio” is 5 years old. He lives in the Town of Tonawanda with his mother Allison Mitringa, his father Anthony Fiore and 11 year old brother named Ethan. 

Gio attends CHC Learning Center and is in kindergarten. He loves getting the attention from anyone he can, going swimming in the pool, jamming out to music, spending time with his brother and taking walks. 

Giovani uses multiple services through Oishei Children’s  Hospital including the Spasticity Clinic, Variety Tent #7 Robert Warner Rehabilitation Center, Neurology, and G.I, Pulmonology.

Gio was born at 34 weeks due to lack of fetal movement from his mother’s  preeclampsia.  Due to the high blood pressure there was a lack of oxygen and caused a grade 2 brain bleed. 

Gio’s diagnosis is Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, wheelchair dependent and he is g-tube fed requiring around the clock care.

Giovani is a wonderful little boy and we loved having him a part of the 2022 Variety Kids Telethon!