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All items sold on this page will be considered a donation to Variety’s amazing kids.

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We honor all major credit cards as well as checks made out to “Variety – The Children’s Charity of Buffalo & WNY!”

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*All items can be picked up in Variety Club located at 6114 Broadway in Lancaster. You will be contacted when the items are ready. If the purchased items are smaller and need to be shipped, please choose the $5 delivery/ shipping fee.

Everyday Items & Entertainment


A Buffalo Cutting Board (styles vary): $15 each

A Variety Log Hat: $7


2022 Night Out Book Entertainment Book: $5



Toys / Games



Fisher Price “Rock N Roll Ride” Trike: $40

Fisher Price B.B. Hoopster: $30


Variety Pins:  A four pack of various Special Edition Collector’s Pins. $5 per 4-pack.  Styles may vary.


The Variety Club of Buffalo and WNY has all branches of the Military, Coast Guard, Seabees, Infantry and more. In addition, we have flag ties, eagle ties, special edition ties, bow ties as well as scarves.

Ties are priced at $15 per tie, 2 for $25, 3 for $35. We also offer ties for $10 each if you purchase 4 or more at a time. *Please make a note when purchasing what item numbers you would like!

Group 1:  Special Group including The Constitution and We the People Ties 

Group 2:  Flag Ties 

Group 3:  Navy Ties 

Group 4:  Special Edition Ties

Group 5:  Marine Ties

Group 6:  Eagle Ties

Group 7:  Scarves

Group 8:  Lucky Scarf 

Group 9: Bowties

Group 10: Air Force Ties 

Group 11:  Army Ties