C.A.P.S. stands for Challenged Athletes Participating in Sports, Inc.  C.A.P.S. provides supportive athletic activities for children and young adults with physical and mental special needs.

C.A.P.S had originally been operating as Tonawanda Challenger Baseball, formed in 1990 and playing games at Tonawanda American Little League.  They outgrew the fields at little league and in 2006 moved their program to the Boys and Girls Club in Franklin Street in the City of Tonawanda.  There they built two new fields and in addition to the two existing fields, were able to expand their program to 8 teams and over 100 participants.  In 2006 they also incorporated as Challenged Athletes Participating in Sports, Inc.  This gave them the ability to operate as an independent program with their own board of directors and more hands on control of their program. 

In addition to the added outdoor fields, the move to the Boys and Girls Club also gave them access to an indoor gym, game room and kitchen.  They have since added football, soccer, floor hockey and basketball to their athletic program which now runs year round.  They also run numerous social activities.  During the course of the year, C.A.P.S holds dances, holiday parties, movie nights, community field trips, boat trips, award nights, cooking classes and more.  Their annual “Hot Shots” basketball game, which is held each year at a local high school, is the highlight of their indoor program.  This event has become more popular each year and is attended by over 100 parents and friends.  Their Christmas and Halloween parties are two of their favorite social functions where the kids and parents enjoy an evening of music, dancing, snacks and fun.  C.A.P.S’ long term goal is to expand to offer even more opportunities for different types of activities for kids and young adults. 

The money from the Variety Kids Telethon Funds will be going towards the purchase of players benches for the baseball diamonds.  Every single penny you donate can assist in the purchase of these benches to make the children’s experience more enjoyable and comfortable. 

For more information on C.A.P.S. please visit https://capswny.com.