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If you purchased tickets, click here for all of the details:

If you would like the direct link to ticket numbers and rounds click here:

Details on the Virtual Event as as follows:

Shredd and Ragan from 103.3 The Edge are back at it again with their Annual Meat Raffle to benefit Variety Club and this time around, it will be Virtual!

Join us LIVE from the comfort of your own house on Friday, January 29th at 7pm via Facebook Live on Variety’s Facebook page.   Winners will pick up their items from Variety Club on Saturday, January 30th from 10am-1pm.  Items provided by Eden Shurfine.

Here’s how it works:

Get ready to have some fun!  Stock your fridge and freezer for the Winter months ahead all while helping to support our Variety Kids!

We have partnered up with and are bringing out the “Wheel of Meat!”   We have two ticket options to get in on the Meat Raffle rounds and two additional raffles this year!


Meat Raffle ticket options are as follows:

A $30 Ticket gets ONE entry per Meat Raffle round.

OR get the biggest bang for your buck with the $50 (Extreme) Ticket!

This $50 ticket option includes:

  • ONE entry per Meat Raffle Round.
  • An exclusive ticket for a chance at the Bud Light Buffalo Bills Cooler with Bluetooth radio, Stocked with Buffalo Bills Bud Light Beer and a Signed Darryl Talley Jersey! (***you can only win this if you purchased a $50 ticket)
  • One ticket for a chance at The Freezer Stocked Full of Meat!
  • One ticket for a chance at Beer for Year!

Additional Raffles include…

Freezer Stocked Full Of Meat!

Buy a $10 ticket for a chance at a 7 cubic ft. Freezer Stocked full of meat including pork, steak, chicken, roasts, sausage, beef, shrimp, lobster tails and more!

Beer For A Year

Buy a $10 ticket for a chance at Beer For a Year! 

This includes:

  • 5 cases of Coors Light 30 pack cans
  • 5 cases of Bud Light 30 pack cans
  • 5 cases of Labatt Light 30 pack Cans

Please note the Freezer raffle and Beer for a Year raffle are separate tickets, and need to be purchased at $10 each.  (If a $50 package is purchased, one entry for each is included and additional chances may be purchased as well)

Once a ticket is purchased you will get an automatic email with all the details.  Once ticket sales officially end you will be emailed a spreadsheet with corresponding ticket numbers to your name prior to the Facebook LIVE event.  This will also be posted on Variety’s social media page on Friday, January 29th.  You will then tune into the Facebook LIVE feed on Friday, January 29th at 7pm to see if you are a winner!  All winners will be notified by phone as well.

For the Cooler, Freezer and Beer for a Year Raffle-we will use a ‘”virtual” wheel and one name will be chosen at random!

  • Shredd and Ragan will announce what each round consists of. Each round will have 3 spins.  One winner per spin. 30 total Meat Rounds winners.   All winners must be 21.
  • Winners will be able to claim their winnings on Saturday, January 30th from 10am-1pm at Variety Club- located at 6114 Broadway in Lancaster.
  • Winners must have transportation to claim their winnings during that time frame.  Any meat that is unclaimed will be forfeited.  No refunds.

For additional questions please visit or call (716) 854-7577!

A special thank you to Shredd & Ragan, 103.3 The Edge,, WBBZ and Eden Shurfine!

Thank you so much for your continued support!