The 58th Annual Variety Kids Telethon was just a few short months ago and we wanted to check in on our celebrity child, Emilia Fay.

We can all agree this summer and the past few months has been far from normal due to Coronavirus but Emmy has taken it all in stride and is doing great!

She graduated from Preschool and is quite excited about going to Kindergarten!

Unfortunately her aqua therapy and horseback riding therapy has been cancelled but she has been doing teletherapy with her occupational and physical therapists weekly. 

Emmy’s parents Richard and Morgan both got to spend more time home with Emmy and her little brother Connor during this pandemic and they truly appreciated this time to slow down and be together.  

Richard and Morgan decided to make their backyard into a fun play area for the kids to enjoy including a new swing set/playground, a blow-up pool, and a sprinkler!  Emmy and Connor could not be more excited!

Emmy continues to be her sweet and adorable self and it’s truly a pleasure to see this little girl thrive.  The Fay Family is hoping to have a nice peaceful summer and hopes everyone continues to stay safe and healthy!  

Variety is  so proud of Emmy and thrilled to have the whole Fay Family a part of our organization!  This is what Variety is all about.  

We kindly ask for you to consider donating to Variety to help our children, just like Emmy.  

All of the funds stay to help our kids in Buffalo and WNY.

You can donate here:

Also, stay tuned for monthly updates on what our Past Celebrity kids throughout the years have been up too!  We will be starting monthly features on our Variety Kids!

Watch a special video below from Emmy!