This is the lovely Emily Klima. Emily was Variety’s Celebrity Child in 2013. We recently caught up with her and we are delighted to hear she’s doing great. Read all about Emily below.

Q&A with Emily Klima

What did you love most about being a celebrity child? Do you have any special memories you would like to share?

Emily: I loved being able to help other kids and meeting other people with disabilities. One special memory I have is singing with my Uncle Greg!

What would you say to our donors and viewers who watch the Telethon?

Emily: I would say to remember that people with disabilities are just normal people. You shouldn’t donate because you feel bad for us, you should donate because you want to help people like me fulfill their dreams.

What are you up to lately, Emily?

Emily: I’m currently thirteen and just started 8th grade. In January, my parents and I welcomed our golden retriever puppy Luna into the family. I also take vocal lessons every Wednesday

Emily, tell us some interesting facts about you!

Emily: Over the summer I went on a camping trip to the Thousand Islands. While on this trip I went tubing for the first time! It was very fun!

Another fun thing I would like to share is that I recently got blond highlights in my hair! I love them!

Emily mentions how she loved singing with her Uncle Greg at the Telethon, and we got some great news that her Uncle Greg is hosting a Virtual Fundraiser for Variety on January 7th from 8pm-10pm!!

Check out all of the details below, and be sure to tune in! We are honored to have the Klima’s as part of the Variety Family!


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