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Say hello to Tom Drum, our Celebrity Child from the 1996 Variety Kids Telethon! We recently caught up with Tom, read below for more:

Q&A with 1996 Celebrity Child: Tom Drum

What year were you a Variety Child?    

Tom Drum:  I was the Celebrity Child in 1996.

What did you love most about being a celebrity child?  Do you have any special memories you would like to share?  

Tom: Meeting new people that I still know today. My best memory is getting to meet Bob Seger, because I was big into rock as a kid (and still am) so it was really cool to meet a rock star.

What would you say to our donors and viewers who watch the Telethons? 

Tom:  A little bit of money could go a long way. Community support could help a lot of family’s in their time of need.

What are you up to lately, Tom?

Tom: Now I am 29, and like to spend my time hanging out with friends, and being the best coach I can become. Currently I am one class away from a NYS coaching certificate thanks to the scholarship I received from Variety.

See what the future holds and to continue to work towards my dreams , like becoming a fully certified coach. Thanks to the support of the coaches I have worked with, Jim and Carol McMahon, my family, and my friends who always reminded me that I can do it!

Tom, would you like to tell us anything additional about your like or any interesting facts you would like to share?

Tom:  Something interesting about me is on the weekends I like to play dungeons and dragons, and am learning how to create stories and worlds so I can make my own games one day.


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