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A memorial donation to Variety-The Children’s Charity of Buffalo & WNY, also known as the Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation of the Variety Club of Buffalo, honors the life and memory of the deceased.

By donating to Variety, you are memorializing the person and providing much needed assistance to the most vulnerable children living in WNY. These funds are used to help Variety’s mission to provide equipment, supplies, and programs to organizations within the WNY community that benefit children facing illness, disability or disadvantage.

In addition to individual memorials, another way to help the special children of Variety is through planned giving. Planned giving is a contribution that is arranged in the present and given at a future date most commonly through a will or trust, when the donor passes. These donations help to continue the donor’s legacy. Making a gift is easy to do in your will or trust and costs nothing now. By including Variety in your will or trust you are making an impact on the children that will be the future generation.

You can also donate on and note that your donation is in memoriam of whoever you desire.

Children are & always will be the first priority of Variety. Thank you for your help.