The Variety Kids Telethon, now in its 57th year, is the nation’s longest-running, locally-produced telethons – and its home is right here in WNY! It all started back in 1962, when Dr. Robert Warner asked Variety to help him fulfill his dream of a rehabilitation center for children with special needs. The first Annual Variety Kids Telethon raised over $80,000, and the Robert Warner Rehabilitation Center for Children with Special Needs became a reality at Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo.

Since then, the Telethon has been a WNY treasure, all thanks to the tens of thousands of Western New Yorkers who tune in and pledge their support every year. The Telethon funds dozens of local children’s nonprofits, in addition to the Hospital, and every penny stays right here in WNY. It’s because of this we say “Variety is WNY.” We couldn’t do it without you. Thank you, WNY!

Make history with us once again this spring! Telethon 2020 will be telecast Saturday night, February 29th from 6-11 P.M. on WGRZ-TV Channel 2, and continue Sunday, March 1st from 10 A.M. Until 9 P.M. on WBBZ-TV, Channel 67.1 / Cable 5.

2019 Celebrity Child – Victoria Reyes

Each year, we select a Celebrity Child to provide a face for the children in Western New York that Variety serves. These kids reflect the diversity of families across the region that benefit from the public’s support of Variety, and their very real stories make our work even more important.

Our 2019 Celebrity Child is Victoria Reyes, 6, of Hamburg, NY. Born at 27 weeks and weighing only only 3 pounds 12 ounces, Victoria spent seven long weeks in a NICU. Victoria’s parents, Luis and Natalia Reyes, were initially advised that Victoria would have many challenges, including speech delays. However, Victoria’s passion for life means that not only does she work hard in physical and occupational therapy, but that she has not needed speech therapy and even “talks too much”, according to her mom and two sisters!