Thanks to everyone who has donated to the Variety Kids Telethon during the past 60 years. As we approach Telethon 2023, we wanted you to know the services provided at the Variety Tent 7/Dr. Robert Warner Center that you have funded since Dr. Warner began the Telethon in 1962.
Below are the services that Robert Warner Center provides:
-The Children’s Guild Foundation Autism Spectrum Disorder Center (This is a section of the Robert Warner Center specifically dedicated to the evaluation and support for children with autism)
-Aquatic Therapy – For children with limited mobility to gain strength and range of motion.
-Comprehensive Developmental Program – evaluating School aged and adolescent children for developmental delays, learning and cognitive delays.
-Down Syndrome Clinic- management and guidance for children with Down Syndrome.
-Early Developmental Program – Includes our NICU follow up program to evaluate children that are at risk for developmental delays, early childhood concerns for developmental delays.
-Feeding Disorders Program – Provides comprehensive assessment, management and therapy for children with failure to thrive, difficulty with gaining weight, swallowing, food refusals, etc.
-Leukodystrophy Care Network Certified Center : This is a clinic specifically dedicated for Leukodystrophy in collaboration with Neurology and Hunter’s Hope.
-Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU) Follow-up Program – Evaluates and follows premature infants discharged from the hospital to follow their development, help linkage to community supports such as Early Intervention.
-Occupational Therapy – 5 therapists provide sensory, and fine motor therapy to inpatients and in clinic.
-Physical Therapy – 8 therapists provide physical therapy to inpatients and in clinic.
-Speech, Language and Audiology Program – 6 therapists provide speech therapy to inpatients and in clinic.
-Spina Bifida Program and Motor program- this includes the PM&R specialist we just extended an offer to, hopefully will continue to build this program to service children with cerebral palsy; we are also planning to get therapists trained in the Hammersmith Infant Neurological Examination (HINE) so that we can dedicate a special clinic to the diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy.
We hope you watch our 61st Telethon on Saturday, March 4 from 6pm-11pm on WGRZ and on Sunday, March 5 from 10 AM-8 PM on WBBZ to learn about some of the much-needed services and equipment Variety was able to provide this past year from your donations to Telethon 2022.
If you would like to donate, please click here:
On behalf of all of us at Variety and the children we serve, we would like to thank you!